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China’s  Yiwu small commodity market

Welcome to Yiwu International Trade City

China’s  Yiwu small commodity market

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China’s  Yiwu small commodity market

Located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, founded in 1982, China Small Commodity City now has a business area of more than 4.7 million square meters, 70000 business places, more than 210000 employees, more than 210000 times of daily passenger flow, 16 major categories, 4202 types, 33217 sub categories and 1.7 million single products. It is an international commodity circulation, information and Exhibition Center. It is called “Yiwu small commodity wholesale market” by the United Nations, the world bank, Morgan Stanley and other authoritative institutions. In 2011, the turnover of China’s small commodity city market was 51.512 billion yuan, ranking the first in major professional markets in China for 21 consecutive years.

Welcome to Yiwu City In Zhejiang Province of China Mainland
Welcome to Yiwu City In Zhejiang Province of China Mainland

China small commodity city is one of the largest export bases of small commodities in China. Commodities have been exported to 219 countries and regions, with an annual export of more than 570000 standard containers, accounting for 65% of foreign trade exports. The number of resident representative offices of foreign enterprises is 3059, ranking first in the country, with more than 13000 resident foreign businessmen. Agencies such as the UN refugee agency and the Ministry of foreign affairs have established 83 purchasing information centers in Yiwu Countries and regions have set up import galleries in the market, and the pattern of “buying global goods and selling global goods” has initially taken shape.

Since 2006, the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China has successively issued the Yiwu China small commodity city index and the industry standard of small commodity classification and code, so that Yiwu market, the “World supermarket”, has gained the right to speak in the pricing and calibration of global small commodity trade, and realized the leap from exporting commodities to exporting standards and rules.

China Commodity City is China’s first AAAA national shopping tourist attraction, attracting more than 9.592 million tourists in 2011. China’s small commodity city management standards, has been awarded the “quality, credit” market by the State Administration of quality inspection and quarantine; awarded the “contract, credit” market by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, “national credit regulatory model market” and other honorary titles.

Developer profile

Zhejiang China Small Commodity City Group Co., Ltd., founded in December 1993, is a state-owned holding enterprise. On May 9, 2002, the company’s shares were listed on the Shanghai stock exchange with the stock code of 600415. The company has a total share capital of 2.7216 billion shares, 17 branches, 11 holding enterprises and more than 5000 employees. In 2011, the company achieved an operating revenue of 3.396 billion yuan, a profit of 847 million yuan and a total asset of 18.112 billion yuan. In 2005 and 2006, it was awarded the second place of “top 100 Chinese listed companies” by the global competitiveness organization for two consecutive years.

The company’s exclusive business development, management, service Yiwu China Commodity City as the main business, driving the development of related industries. Under the correct leadership of the superior government, the company has stepped on the macro-economic development nodes in various periods. Especially since 2001, it has vigorously developed the market infrastructure, innovated the market functions, successively built the first, second, third, fourth and Fifth District markets of the international trade city and Huangyuan clothing market, and is committed to building the China Commodity City into an international first-class modern trade platform.

Relying on the superior business environment and unique market resources of China’s Small Commodity City, the company takes the construction of “two districts and six cities” as the general starting point, vigorously promotes the construction of international means of production market, creates a new e-commerce mode, cultivates import and re export markets, strengthens the Convention and exhibition industry, participates in the investment and financial field, develops and enlarges real estate and hotels, and operates international trade and modern business Logistics, advertising information, shopping, tourism, culture and sports and other businesses have formed a group structure and profit model of market resource sharing and linkage development, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Looking forward to the future, under the banner of the pilot reform, the company’s strategic goal of development is to build a “modern trade service integrator” with the market as the core and capital operation as the link, so as to enhance commodity agglomeration, improve trade service capacity and promote market transformation and upgrading.

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