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Electric Bike

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Electric bicycles refer to the transportation components such as motors, controllers, batteries, and handles on the basis of ordinary bicycles based on batteries as auxiliary energy sources.

Zhejiang Smart Electric Vehicle Factory is a large professional manufacturer of electric scooter,electric hoverboard,electric mobility scooter,drift scooter,etc.

We are a large factory of electric bike,moutain bike,adult bike,bike kids,road bike,hybrid bike,motorcycle.

We have lots of modles of electric vehicles in our samples room.

We only accept wholesale orders,no any stock in our warehouse.

If you like it ,you have to place your order first and we produce according to your order.

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Product Discription:

Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Model Number:
3 Speed
Range per Power:
31 – 60 km
Frame Material:
Steel, Carbon Steel
Wheel Size:
Max Speed:
Power Supply:
Lithium Battery
Braking System:
Disc Brake
60-70 Nm
Charging Time:
>3 hours
Motor position:
Rear Hub Motor
Battery Position:
Integrated Battery
Battery Capacity:
10.5 AH
Charge time:
4-5hours, DC42V1.5A
Max Load:
LED Panel/light, On/off Key, Speed Regulating Handle
Max speed:
Product weight:
28kg/34kg with paking
36V 10.0/12.0/15.0Ah Lithium Battery
Motor power:
36V250W Brushless

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:
Single item
Single package size:
137X22X60 cm
Single gross weight:
34.000 kg
Package Type:
Carton size 1370*220*600mm


Chinese standard
The main four national standards of electric bicycles are: foot energy to achieve human ride; the highest design speed is not more than 25km/h; the quality of the vehicle is not greater than 55kg;

China Smart Vehicle Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard Mobility Scooter
China Smart Vehicle Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard Mobility Scooter
China Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard Mobility Scooter
China Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard Mobility Scooter
China Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard Mobility Scooter
China Self-balancing Electric Hoverboard Mobility Scooter

Chinebike is hot selling in France.

Ebike is  a kind of hot sale products because of the Europe Energy Crisis.

The European energy crisis, caused by the special situation in 2022, has led to the high price of natural gas.
The root cause of the European energy crisis is that Russia is rich in energy reserves and scarce in European energy endowment. Europe is Russia’s main energy export market, while Russia is Europe’s main source of energy imports. The two countries have been in a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time.


Germany: Turn off the lights at home and use bicycles to travel instead of cars
In order to mitigate the impact, the heating of private swimming pools in winter will be limited. Many cities in Germany, such as Berlin and Hanover, have chosen to turn off the lighting of buildings including landmarks. The government suggested shortening shower time, turning off lights at home and using bicycles instead of cars.
UK: Shorten bath time by at least 60 seconds
According to the Times, a British water supply company recently suggested that British people should shorten their bath time by at least 60 seconds to avoid water shortage. British industry representatives said that although the proposal was “unpopular”, Britain did face a choice – either to spend 1 billion pounds on new infrastructure or to let people shorten their bath time by at least 60 seconds.
France: Close the door during business hours to save electricity for air conditioners
French President Jacques Makron is mulling a decree to promote an energy conservation plan aimed at reducing energy consumption by 10% in the next two years. Paris and other cities have asked stores to close their doors when they are open to save electricity for air conditioners.
Italy: limiting public lighting and closing in advance
Office space for public officials
Italy is controlling the energy consumption of the public sector. Its plans include limiting public lighting and closing the office space of public officials in advance. In the capital Rome, the Colosseum even turned off the lights to raise people’s awareness of energy conservation.
Spain: No tie for men
On August 1, the Spanish cabinet meeting approved the national plan, including limiting the thermostats in public places (the maximum temperature of heating is 19 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature of air conditioning is 27 degrees Celsius), keeping the building doors closed, and closing the shop window lighting after 10 p.m. Prime Minister Sanchez even advised men not to wear ties.
Greece: The air conditioning temperature cannot be lower than 27 ℃
The temperature regulation action launched by Greece in June aims to achieve 10% energy saving this year and 30% energy saving by 2030. The specific measures include that the air conditioning temperature of public buildings should not be lower than 27 ℃, covering windows to reduce sunlight, and reminding people to turn off their computers before leaving the office.
Ireland: The electric kettle only burns the hot water you need to drink each time
The Irish government encourages the public to plan the use of dishwashers and washing machines to reduce the time of electricity consumption, and puts forward such publicity contents as “Don’t fill the electric kettle and then burn it, and only burn the hot water you need to drink each time”.
Belgium: Some expressways do not have lights on at night
In Belgium, the Wallonia District stipulates that most of the highways do not turn on the lights from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m., or only turn on half of the street lights; In Flanders District, as early as 10 years ago, some lights were turned off, saving 2 million euros each year.
Finland: early closing in turn
The Finnish government is expected to announce energy-saving measures by the end of August. The store organization has been coordinating how to take turns to close stores early to reduce energy consumption.
Croatia: It is recommended that the heating setting should not exceed 21 ℃
Croatia has issued an energy conservation guide with recommendations, suggesting that the heating should not exceed 21 ℃ and the air conditioning should not be lower than 25 ℃.


We are a large factory of electric bike,moutain bike,adult bike,bike kids,road bike,hybrid bike,motorcycle
We are a large factory of electric bike,moutain bike,adult bike,bike kids,road bike,hybrid bike,motorcycle


















electric bike
electric bike


Regarding the history of China’s electric bicycles, the industry is generally recognized as three development stages: the initial stage of electric bicycles, the initial production scale, and the stage of super -speed development.
The initial stage of electric bicycles is also called an early experimental production stage of electric bicycles. From time to time, it is 1995 to 1999. At this stage, the four major pieces of electric bicycles, the key technical exploration of motors, batteries, chargers and controllers. In terms of R & D and production, it is mainly based on the self -issued information, tracking technology, organizational market observation, and small -batch market trial release of production enterprises. It has also made electric bicycles began to enter the consumer’s field of vision and was gradually recognized by them. From a technical perspective, early electric bicycles can only drive about 30 kilometers at a time, the battery life is short, the climbing ability is poor, easy to wear, and the motor also has toothless motors. However, the accumulation of this period laid the foundation for the scale of this industrialization in terms of talent, technology, and product research and development.
The reason why the second stage is known as the initial production scale is that during this period of time, there were several opportunities to advance electric bicycles, which made electric bicycles that are struggling in the initial stage. Yes, the development of the industry has entered a large scale, and the most valuable of these opportunities is the “ban” in various cities and the “SARS” in 2003 and the “SARS” in 2003
This time period is generally identified as during this period of 2000 to 2004. In this period of time, with the breakthroughs in key technical and continuous improvement of electric bicycles, electric bicycles have become motorcycles and bicycles. Replacement products, and its fast, environmental protection, convenience and cheapness, also stimulate the market’s demand for electric bicycles. Among the growing market demand, companies that have previously developed and produced and produced have risen rapidly, and some new companies have also begun to enter. Their investment in electric bicycles has also increased, which has expanded the production capacity rapidly (see Table 1.1 for details). Moreover, the companies that quickly came up during this period were operating in a big deal, and those older generations of R & D manufacturers had been behind them. However, some well -known brands have formed, and according to the differences in North and South, the three major industrial gatherings represented by Jiangsu Wuxi, Zhejiang, and Tianjin in the industry have also been formed.
The third stage is from 2005 to the present. This stage is the speeding stage of Chinese electric bicycles. In this period of time, as the fierce competition between enterprises has greatly stimulated the advancement of technology and the spread of new technologies, the technical level of the entire industry has greatly improved. The battery life and capacity have increased by 35%. The development of the tooth motor is the mainstream, the life span has increased by 5 times, the efficiency has increased by nearly 30%, and the ability to climb and load is about 3.5 times. At the same time as improved performance, manufacturing costs also decreased significantly, and the price power dropped to 21%; in the controller system and charging system, the technical level also increased significantly. Especially in terms of battery technology and motor technology, there has been great progress. The technical breakthroughs of electric vehicle dedicated lead -acid batteries have led the world, and the Zhejiang Changxing section, Kang Lien, and Kang Lien, and the leader of Tianneng and Chaowei. The Jiangsu section represented by Shuangdao and the Guangdong section represented by Ruida. The battery also has a single lead -acid battery in and out of multiple types of high -performance batteries, and the emergence of lithium batteries has even driven the development of electric bicycles, especially simple models. In terms of motor, the invention of permanent magnetic brushless motor has accelerated the pace of industry development. The key to the performance of the motor is the performance of strong magnetic materials. Among the various permanent magnet materials, the performance of rare earth permanent magnet materials is the most superior. my country is the world’s recognized power of rare earth resources and the manufacturing power of rare earth products. Due to the good performance of rare soil strong magnetic materials, low prices, and strong manufacturing capabilities, the expensive BLDC (brushless DC permanent magnet motor) system with expensive international market prices has been widely used in Chinese companies, and the electric bicycle industry has obtained a unique resource advantage. From the perspective of the industry’s total production and sales, in 2005, the total output of various light electric vehicles (including electric bicycles) of hundreds of enterprises across the country is expected to exceed 9 million, exporting about 200 to 3 million units, and realizing industrial output value 200 200 100 million, profit and tax of about 6 billion yuan, and nearly 1 million people in related production and service areas. China’s light electric vehicle production and sales have accounted for more than 90%of the world’s, and China has become the world’s largest light electric vehicle production, consumer and exporters.

The charger is a device that supplements the battery power. Generally, there are two stages of charging mode and three -stage mode. Second -stage charging mode: First -rate charging, the charging current gradually decreases with the rise in battery voltage. After the battery power is supplemented to a certain degree, the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger. Third -stage charging mode: At the beginning of the charging, first charging the current, quickly supplement the battery energy; after the battery voltage rises to constant voltage charging, at this time the battery energy slowly supplements, the battery voltage continues to rise; At the time of value, turn to a trickle charging to maintain the self -discharge current of the battery and the supply of the battery.

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