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P1 Hoverboards in UK/EU warehouse

electric hoverboard factory made in China

P1 Hoverboards in UK/EU warehouse

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P1 Hoverboards in UK/EU warehouse

Motor power: 250W*2,shining plastic wheel hub
Battery type: Domestic lithium battery
Battery capacity: 36V 2.0AH
Charging voltage:100V-240V
Charging time: 2-3h
Top speed: 10km/h
Max mileage: 8-10km
Mini load: 20kg
Max climbing ability:15°
Pedal height: 110mm
Tire size: 6.5 inch
Tire type: Explosion proof solid tire
Outline dimension: 580*190*185mm

15 colors

N.W./G.W.(KG)  : 6.6/7.2 kg  ; Qty/20″GP : 1150pcs  ; Qty/40″GP: 2300pcs ;  Qty/40″HQ : 2760pcs;

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