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Yiwu Market Build an ecological civilization

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Yiwu Market Build an ecological civilization

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Yiwu Market Build an ecological civilization


Yiwu is committed to building the world’s “small commodity capital” at a high level. While building an important window for trade, yiwu puts into practice the concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” and strives to build a “beautiful window” for ecological civilization construction. In recent years, yiwu ShiFan won the national ecological civilization construction, national forest city, national model green city, national garden city, such as the honorary title, three consecutive years as “beautiful” in zhejiang construction excellent city, for four consecutive years as “five water should be” the highest honor, won a silver tripod “dayu ding”, included in the “beautiful zhejiang” ten big characteristic experience in zhejiang province, the first ShanShuiLinTian HuCao protection and restoration of ecological pilot demonstration pilot, the atmosphere, water ecology management governance digital transition pilot trial, etc.


Fight to win the battle of blue sky. Since the beginning of this year, The air quality in Yiwu has reached the best level in all years. The AQI excellent and good rate is as high as 99.1%, the PM2.5 concentration has been reduced to 24 g/m3, which is better than the national level 2, and the provincial “clean air” demonstration zone has been successfully established. Yiwu initiated intelligent supervision of THE OPERATION of VOCs waste gas treatment facilities, achieving full coverage of annual emissions of more than 10 tons of VOCs enterprises. In the province, it took the lead in the elimination and renovation of vehicles with high pollution emission and the renovation of non-road mobile machinery, demarcated low-emission zones for non-road mobile machinery, and completed the coding and registration of non-road mobile machinery. As the province only pioneer atmospheric governance digital transformation, into yiwu area coverage for atmospheric monitoring network perception, full-time response visualization of data integration analysis platform and the whole collaborative disposal center, implementation issues “handed, pie, disposal and feedback” of the closed loop management, main methods of promotion, and included in the digital transformation of jinhua city government ten outstanding cases.


Try your best to fight the “war of green water promotion”. In recent years, yiwu seven centralized drinking water water quality all reached or exceed Ⅱ class water, accused of 8 counties and above section water quality success rate 100%, yiwu jiang exit section water quality is better than the entry section water quality, water quality excellent provincial exams. Yiwu has always adhered to the principle of “1+9+14+6” water treatment at the source, and made scientific plans for the “1+9+14+6” water treatment at the source. It has promoted the integration of urban and rural sewage treatment, and built nine sewage treatment plants (with a daily treatment capacity of 540,000 tons) and a supporting sewage dry pipe network of 2,470 kilometers, so as to realize “plant to plant” interconnection and dispatching. Innovation implementation “nanotubes sewage concentration” and “section of small watershed water quality assessment of synchronization”, promote the evaluated integratedly, department to development of source, rain, rain sewage diversion regulation such as pipeline repair work, built in the province take the lead in the whole domain “wastewater zero direct drainage area”, and long-term management system, to become the province water conservancy benchmarking, the provincial water conservancy work will held in yiwu for many times.


We will do a good job in the “pure land war”. Yiwu takes the lead in building “no waste city” in the whole region. In accordance with world-class standards, a waste incineration plant with a daily processing capacity of 3,000 tons will be built with an investment of 1.6 billion yuan, realizing the goal of “zero landfill” of household garbage. Projects such as dry incineration of sludge, disposal of kitchen waste and unified collection and transfer of hazardous waste from small and micro enterprises have been put into use. Sludge disposal capacity has reached 750 tons/day, which can achieve the goal of “no sludge out of the county”. Vigorously promotes the reduction and standardization disposal of industrial waste classification, innovation “the whole” evaluated integratedly sorting center construction, waste production enterprise “nanotubes”, renewable resources utilization “category”, “full control” transfer process, to crack down on illegal behavior of all strictly industrial waste “five full system” management mode, advanced practice obtain province main leadership instructions of promotion.


We will launch an innovative “Environmental Service Enterprise Demonstration Initiative”. Yiwu takes the lead in implementing the reform of “regional ENVIRONMENTAL assessment + environmental standards”, “agency system + commitment system”, “1+X” environmental assessment examination and approval reform for small and micro parks, and the integration of environmental assessment management and pollutant discharge permit, etc., making enterprises truly feel the dividend brought by the “most one-off” environmental assessment examination and approval service. Take the lead in establishing the “enterprise environmental protection service day” system, cooperate with the enterprise attendants to carry out “environmental protection physical examination” for enterprises, and guide the rectification and elimination of hidden dangers on the spot; We have innovatively built a one-stop environmental consulting platform, conducted regular environmental training for enterprises, and provided zero-distance and zero-hour consulting services for enterprises. We will innovate the new supervision mode of “approval + law enforcement + service”, and the examinators will be transformed into “expert instructors” to carry out post-approval training and follow-up guidance for enterprises, so as to realize “handling without intermediary” during and after the operation. Law enforcement team members are equipped with a standardized law enforcement service box to help enterprises quickly rectify small problems, so that enterprises can enjoy convenience and benefits.


We will work together to build a “multi-country integrated ecological civilization”. There are more than 15,000 permanent residents of Yiwu, and foreign friends actively contribute their advice and Suggestions to the city’s international development and ecological civilization construction. As the vice President of the “Beautiful Yiwu” Promotion Association, Malaysian businessman Guo Jifu has devoted himself to ecological environment protection for many years, and won the honor of “The Most Beautiful Environmentalist” in Zhejiang Province. In jiming Mountain community, the first “Home for Chinese and Foreign Residents”, more than 1,100 foreigners from 58 countries have been actively engaged in volunteer services such as water conservation and garbage classification, to jointly create a livable environment. The “Rising Sun Public Welfare Club”, nurtured by the “Home of the World’s businessmen”, regularly carries out activities such as helping the poor with love and promoting ecological welfare, and widely spreads the beautiful scenery of Yiwu by collecting video materials, sending out vivid and beautiful “ecological name CARDS” for Yiwu. Every year, friends from different countries in Yiwu take an active part in a series of activities such as the Dragon Boat Race, The Yi Hong Race, the Marathon and the photography contest, which are based on the beautiful countryside and beautiful ecology, truly integrating the beautiful Yiwu into different blood and nourishing the integrated ecological civilization. Yiwu has gradually become a small “world window” of ecological civilization.

  • YiwuSell is Your Best Reliable Sourcing Agent In Yiwu City of China.
  • There are 80000+ booths in Yiwu International Trade City.
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