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Yiwu and Alibaba:Digital Yiwu Quality Goes To sea


Yiwu and Alibaba:Digital Yiwu Quality Goes To sea

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On June 5, 2020, Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Alibaba International Signed the “Digital Yiwu Quality Goes To sea” Strategic Cooperation Agreement, jointly promoting Yiwu to become a leader in the new era of foreign trade.


In response to the “shortage of orders” in the foreign trade industry, Alibaba International will hold the world’s first online exhibition of small commodities for Yiwu. Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce will invest 5 million yuan in the first phase to subsidize 80 percent of exhibitors’ costs.


It is understood that Alibaba international site is expected to “move” five million active international wholesalers to Yiwu within a year. As the core content of “Chunlei Project”, Alibaba International website has arranged 20 online exhibitions this year. On June 8, the Alibaba.com Trade Fair, the largest digital exhibition in the cross-border B2B sector, will open soon.


This cooperation, not only to recover the “lost orders”, but also to find the future coordinates of Yiwu.


Yiwu, known as the capital of small commodities in the world, has long been a bridgehead for China’s cross-border trade. Alibaba International Is the world’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform, with 150 million registered users in more than 200 countries.


“What should Yiwu and yiwu’s foreign trade enterprises and merchants do? How to find their positions and meet the challenges and opportunities in the future?” “Today’s cooperation with Alibaba is, in the long run, an exploration of this proposition,” said Yang Zhonghong, director of yiwu’s commerce Bureau.


“With or without the epidemic, new foreign trade has become an inevitable trend.” Zhang Kuo, general manager of Alibaba International, introduced that Alibaba International is continuously promoting the digital transformation of 1.5 million foreign trade enterprises with the support of big data and digital technology accumulated for 21 years and one-stop cross-border supply chain service system.


According to the agreement, the government and the enterprise will jointly promote a comprehensive and systematic digital upgrade from government affairs, global sales to cross-border supply chains, bringing new growth to the digital industry in Yiwu.


Both sides will invest resources to help foreign trade merchants to enter Ali International Station and Rio Tinto global market. Yang said the cooperation is another important partnership after Alibaba Group established the World Electronic Trade Platform (eWTP) with Yiwu city last year. In the past year, the online transaction volume in Yiwu on Alibaba International site increased by 82% year on year, attracting nearly 3 million active buyers. In 2020, the number of sellers in Yiwu Industrial belt will double compared with the same period last year.


The Digital Implementation Center will provide a strong support for global business. The two sides will in the early stage of the yiwu – alibaba “cross-border electricity market procurement +” new mode on the basis of export, deepen the market purchasing and cross-border electricity integration development, coordinated development “market procurement + the clippers”, “market procurement + central trains”, new channels, such as “market procurement + air” agglomeration domestic cross-border electricity through yiwu fast facilitation of export goods.


Professionals are indispensable. Ali International station will cooperate with yiwu local schools, training institutions and third-party recruitment agencies, etc., to transport more than 3000 professional cross-border e-commerce operation talents for Yiwu businesses within this year.


“Our store at the international station is ready to open and we are in urgent need of professionals. The government-enterprise cooperation, which solves the problem of talent introduction, is the most powerful support for our transformation.” Zhejiang Bangjie Holding Group Co., LTD., the first listed company in Yiwu, responded positively to the signing.


“Yiwu is a pioneering city and will stand at the head of the tide in the new era of foreign trade.” Zhang Kuo said finally.

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