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Yiwu International Trade City District 2

Yiwu International Trade City District 2

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Yiwu International Trade City District 2

The second district (F, G) of Yiwu International Trade City opened on October 22, 2004. The market covers an area of ​​483 acres, with a construction area of ​​more than 600,000 square meters, more than 8,000 business locations, and more than 10,000 business households.

Yiwu International Trade Commodity Market
Yiwu International Trade Commodity Market,Recognized by the United Nations, the World Bank, and Morgan Stanley as the world’s largest commodity market

The first floor deals in luggage, umbrellas, poncho bags, outdoor leisure products, gift packaging and processing industries, etc.; the second floor deals in hardware tools and accessories, electrical products, locks, cars; the third floor deals in hardware kitchens, small appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronics Instruments, clocks, etc.; on the fourth floor, there are boutique trading areas such as direct sales centers for production enterprises and local specialty pavilions; on the fifth floor, there are foreign trade procurement service centers and specialty commodity display areas; , Logistics, postal, telecommunications and other functions and service institutions; the market is equipped with commercial buildings, office buildings, four-star hotels and two squares in the east and west, and free loop buses are opened. The market is awarded the AAAA level shopping tourism scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration. In 2016, the “Prime Minister’s Tour Line” was established to facilitate domestic and foreign merchants to visit, learn and communicate. The second and third floors of the central hall of the second district are equipped with creative and innovative product display centers and China Small Commodity City Development History Exhibition Hall. The Creative Innovation Product Display Center mainly provides display services for green, environmentally friendly, smart, fashionable products and design R&D institutions to promote market transformation and upgrading. At present, the enterprise platforms that have settled in are Hangzhou (Yiwu) Control Customer, Chongqing (Beijing) Sample, Taiwan Cultural and Creative and National Thousand Talents Program.


  • YiwuSell is Your Best Reliable Sourcing Agent In Yiwu City of China.
  • There are 80000+ booths in Yiwu International Trade City.
  • Email: yiwusell@hotmail.com, info@yiwusell.com
  • Cell/whatsapp: +86-13958483378 


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